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This is Your Brain in Love

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This is Your Brain in Love: by Dr. Henslen discusses five different types of lovers : the Scattered Lover, the Over-focused Lover, the Blue Mood Lover, the Agitated Lover, and the Anxious Lover. For each of these Dr. Henslin shares an example of a man who fell in love and is having trouble in his relationships. Through the use of SPECT brain scans Dr. Henslin is able to see troubled areas in the brain. He then explains what is going on and why and explains how these problems were turned around through treatment.

Each of the lover types has a test to determine if you could be this type of lover. Dr. Henslin describes what was seen on the SPECT scan for the particular case. What the causes of the abnormality were. Some may have been childhood head injuries or other untreated problems from the past. Topics like ADD are also discussed. He also describes why the abnormal brain activity is causing problems in his patient. From there he lists medications and various supplements used to normalize the brain activity.

Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado

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The latest book Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado answers the question how you as only one person can make a difference in the lives of many. With 1.75 billion people who are desperately poor while many other live with abundance Max share a few short stories that will inspire you to rethink your own life and how you can help to begin making a difference by living for causes that are bigger than yourself. Max Lucado shares stories of how Jesus loved, lived and helped the people of his day with little and limited resources.

Breaking all the Rurals

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In Transforming Church in Rural America by Shannon O'Dell he shares how when he was called by God to a small rural church in Arkansas he listened and built the church to a multi-campus organization where thousands worship weekly. Although most rural churches say they want to grow they really don't. Most are happy with the status quo and when faced with change some people will leave and some will stay; those who stay are on board one hundred percent. Halfway into the first chapter I felt as if Shannon had described to me exactly the church I attended as a youth. I even had a name and faces to place with the church members he describes from his new church congregation. With rules, votes and all the ways things were always done Shannon had a big task in from of him.   In this book Shannon doesn't present a step by step plan like you would find in most books. He shares through his experience and failures on what needs to happen to get people excited to go to church.

Living in the Zone

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This book arrived at the right time for me while I am searching to make changes in my life in my relationships and career. In Living Life in the Zone Kyle Rote Jr. and Dr. Joe Pettigrew present a "A 40-Day Spiritual Game plan for Men" based on sports which is something familiar to most men. A lot can change in 40 days and this book is already touching a chord in my heart to make a change in my life.


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