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Father Hunger: Why God Calls Men to Love and Lead Their Families It has taken a while to get through this book. I initially chose this book because I have two step sons and two young daughters. Having a blended family is challenging and I know I need to be a better father; especially to the boys since they rarely see their natural fathers. The biggest challenge for me in getting through this book is due to changes in my work schedule and life in general.

The fact that my work schedule is interfering with raising children is a testament to the fact that fathers are absent  in their children’s lives.

One thing that stood out as I read were when Wilson Mentioned that men spend a significant amount of time away from their family. With an hour commute, a full day sitting in a Dilbert style cubicle. It almost seems as if corporate America’s attempts to separate men from their wife and children are deliberate.

Another thing that caught my attention was the mention that men are going to be dominant in every culture. It is just a matter whether or not their dominance will be constructive or destructive. A man can dominate destructively even if he is gone. The empty chair at the table dominates and is a significant reality in many homes.

I think these stood out to me because as I write this I have been moved back to the night shift after a half-year assignment on day shift. I’m back to only seeing my children on the weekends. And at that if I work the weekend it is only for a short while.

This book is deep and covers many aspects of fatherhood and society  and how they relate together; too many to mention in a short review, but each important in its own right. Each chapter has a few questions to answer and will get you thinking about your role as a father.

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