The 360 Degree Leader

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The 360 Degree Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization by John Maxwell is a leadership book written for the manager in the middle of an organization. In the same style as the rest of his books John Maxwell describes what a leader looks like and how the act within their role.

The 360° Leader must have influence not only for those he leads but for those in the ranks above him and his peers. Maxwell explains how anyone can develop skills to lead those around them.

The book is geared more toward someone who already has a title that places them in a leadership position, but can apply to anyone; especially those who aspire to lead.

This book is an easy read and the ideas are easy to understand. Much of the information in the book is from the authors other books. Sometimes presented in a little different way. This isn’t necessarily bad in that it is a great review for those who have read his other books and helps to get up to speed, those who haven’t read his books.

The book  has a companion website where an assessment can be taken. To take the survey just use the code on the flap or anyone can take it by registering at the companion website..  After taking the assessment  you will receive results on your leadership style and where to make improvements.

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