This is Your Brain in Love

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This is Your Brain in Love: by Dr. Henslen discusses five different types of lovers : the Scattered Lover, the Over-focused Lover, the Blue Mood Lover, the Agitated Lover, and the Anxious Lover. For each of these Dr. Henslin shares an example of a man who fell in love and is having trouble in his relationships. Through the use of SPECT brain scans Dr. Henslin is able to see troubled areas in the brain. He then explains what is going on and why and explains how these problems were turned around through treatment.

Each of the lover types has a test to determine if you could be this type of lover. Dr. Henslin describes what was seen on the SPECT scan for the particular case. What the causes of the abnormality were. Some may have been childhood head injuries or other untreated problems from the past. Topics like ADD are also discussed. He also describes why the abnormal brain activity is causing problems in his patient. From there he lists medications and various supplements used to normalize the brain activity.

The chapters also conclude with ways for both the person with the problem and their spouse to deal with related problems. This could be through diet, organization systems or simply encouragement for positive behaviour.

I found this book fascinating for the fact that I like knowing how stuff works. This book could help you if you are trying to do everything right and still seem to have issues. It could shed some light on whatever it is that you may be dealing with. I would encourage anyone however with a serious problem however to seek professional help.

Disclosure: This is a review for a book I received from the book review program. I was not required to give either a positive or negative review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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